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Saturday, May 25, 2024

2024 Vosseler Shield Mt Victoria Sat 25 May (100th Iteration)


Race underfoot quality control inspectors


The season points story so far;

2 = Victoria University

1 = WHAC

0 = Scottish

Are you all sitting comftybold, two square on your botty?

Then I’ll begin

Today marked the grand unveiling of the region’s cross country elite where the fiery competition sizzled with anticipation.

Or at least some of them did.

The occasion was the 100th running of the Vosseler Shield a brutal race where the going gets tough and the tough get going.  

As they say

Among the revered ranks, Victoria University stood tall, reigning supreme with WHAC nipping at its heels. The phoenix-like rise of Victoria, after years of toil, now bears the sweetest fruit, undoubtedly bringing much joy and jubilation to the big toes of Richard Owens and Roger Robinson.

In the realm of individual prowess, the spotlight shines brightly on Maia Flint of Victoria Uni and Nathan Tse of WHAC, the undisputed titans of the terrain, the king and queen of the mountain if you will. But amidst their dominance could a dark horse or five lurk, yet to unveil their ferocious stride?

But lo, the Vosseler is a battleground of the boldest and the crazy, where the fields may be smaller but the challenge larger than life. The adrenaline-fuelled clash over 5km allowed Maia Flint, adorned in Victoria Uni colours, to seize victory from the jaws of um, well victory really, closely stalked all the way by Ollie Palmer of the Scottish clan as her steadfast companion, a tale I might add that is begging for elucidation.  

Meanwhile, Nathan Tse commandeered the 10km spectacle with the finesse of a true champion, etching his name in the annals of history as he claimed the Centennial title. Tom Strawbridge and Joel Carmen of the shire, you know who they are, dared to chase the whirlwind that was Nathan, yet it was Ryan Woolley, a blast from the past, the ghost who walks, who stormed into third place, leaving the crowd breathless with his audacious display.

And in the echo of Woolley’s name, legends of the past, Dan Wallis and Stefan Smith, emerge from the hallowed grounds of Napier, a nod to the golden era of yore. Oh what days they were, where heroes were forged and legacies scratched in the soil of glory.

Here endeth the hyperbole and here begineth the photos.

Race 1 Photos: SW, MW, MM, Non-Champ 20-59 5km

Photos: JM & JW U20 and U18, B&G U16 3km

Races 3 & 4: No Photos from the kids races

Race 5 Photos: SM, MM35-50, Non Champ W20+ 10km

The End