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Monday, February 4, 2019

2019 Wellington Track & Field Champs Newtown Park Day 2 Sun 4 Feb

Josephine Reeves and her 1.82m jump

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Sunday and Day 2 of the champs was a good day for the beach.  

With clear skies, a hot sun beating down with only an occasional light breeze for relief it was understandable that most people sensibly headed for the shade. This is something the officials cannot generally do.

One of the highlights of the day was the high jump performance of Josephine Reeves (Lower Hutt).  Josephine is coached by Mike Ritchie who was on hand watching with interest.

After a couple of fails at the height she was able to get over 1.82m to equal the Wellington record for her age grade. 

Josephine had a try with the bar at 1.86m which if successful at that height would have given her the NZ record, or so we think. 

In the women’s 3000m Phoebe McKnight ran yet another solo effort at Newtown Park and was never going to be challenged. 

Phoebe has an ability to get into her work from the gun and maintain the same constant pace throughout. There doesn’t appear to be any lapses in concentration or evidence of hitting bad patches. 

The field became strung out quite early so it ended up being a procession with safe gaps from one competitor to the other.

It was a different story in the men’s 3000m with Toby Gualter and Will Anthony continuing their rivalry from Saturday in the 1500m.  

Will led the race for most of the way with Toby on his shoulder all the way.  

Slowly creeping up behind them was as the laps melted away, was Takuma Shimada one of the visiting Japanese runners who looked pretty comfortable. 

By the bell lap Takuma had caught up and so now all three were together. Going into the final 400m it was obvious what was going to happen. 

And it did with the sprint finish giving Takuma the win in 8.45.74 with Toby next in 8.50.46 and Will in third in 8.51.20.  

Will’s time broke the Wellington age group record for the distance by 10 seconds.

In the 800m event there were a couple of races where the lead changed in the home straight as a result of sprint finishes. 

The battle between Josh Ledger and Kieron Sexton was particularly exciting.

In the field events, Montaya Warehanga (Lower Hutt) got the women’s senior weight hammer out to 51.39 while Nathaniel Sulupo threw the shot to 15.41m in the senior men’s competition.

Also performing well in the throwing events was the NZ 50-55 discus record holder Adrian Stockill who is aiming to do well at the NZ Masters T&F Champs in Timaru in early March. 

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