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Sunday, June 10, 2018

2018 Dorne Cup Trentham Memorial Park Upper Hutt Sat 9 Jun

Team Results 

Individual Results It takes a lot of paper to print these off

Nick Pointon's Race Report

Down at the creek there was a lot of splashing going on not to mention some jeering and tricoteuse like taunting from certain persons who will not remain nameless. 

The main culprits weren’t kids this time but former teddy boys Ray Marten, Don Stevens, and Mr Gardner.  There were probably others but Ray’s voice probably drowned them out. 

Think Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets.

The trick at the creek was to jump off the bank straight into the water and take your chances that there was no obstructions on landing.  While it is not intuitive to jump into the unknown it seemed to work for those that took the risk.

Putting a foot on the slippery bank was to invite trouble as many found out. 

The alternative was to use the Jim Jones method which was to enter the creek some way to the left of the slippery bit and get through that way. But then he is a professor.

The women’s race was potentially wide open but the absence of Ruby Muir (is she still injured?) meant that the expected clash between her and WHAC’s Maiya Christini did not eventuate. 

Instead the fast local women had to contend with 2015 Dorne winner Kara Macdermid from Palmerston North as she streaked around the course to head home Christini, Nicole Mitchell and Tina Faulkner in that order.

In the U20 and U18 4km race Liam Back from Wanganui Collegiate School made easy work of the course which should give him confidence for next week’s Senior Boys 6km Secondary Schools race in Taupo.   

In the same race Kirstie Rae from WHAC had an 8 second win over Tessa Webb from Fielding Moa which is also a good prelude to Taupo when she will be part of the Wellington East Girls team in the Senior Girls 4km race.

In the men’s open race Dan Jones and the others who did Christchurch last week could be forgiven if he (or they) decided to flag the Dorne or at least take a back seat.  But that does not seem to be Dan’s style and thus it was no surprise as with other local races that in the open men’s race he dominated from start to finish. 

But perhaps the most head-turning performances came from Isaac Murphy (WHAC) and Malcolm Hodge (Scottish) who made a real fist of it by clearing out from their more fancied club mates. Can I say that?  Murphy has always been a reliable and top performer for his club while Hodge has never been timid in his attacking strategy even if at times he has come unstuck.  But not today.

And talking about Christchurch last weekend the 67.11 minute half marathon time clocked by Dan currently puts him 3nd on the 2018 ANZ ranking list for this distance. 

With 3 weeks to go before he heads off to the Gold Coast marathon it will be truly interesting to see how he goes. But given that temperatures will be warmer than what we get in Windy Wellington I hope he takes note and avoids what happened to the unlucky Callum Hawkins of Scotland earlier this year in the Commonwealth Games marathon.  

And staying with Christchurch we also need to acknowledge the great performances down there by a number of locals and in particular the 21.31 16 marathon by Bert Prendergast just behind Dr Doogie Thorburn.  They both got on the podium and on the 2018 ranking list. 


Spotted some handy ex runners from decades ago when the Dorne was a much rougher course. This included Steve Hunt, Roger Price, Brian Cattermole, Kevin Jury, Barry Everitt, Barry and Barbara Prosser, Herb and Marguerite Christopher.

Former running stars actually competing included Dave Hatfield, Vickie Humphries, Liam Healey, Phil Starr and Phil Sadgrove.

There was some jostling and elbow work going on in some of the kids races as they came into the finish.  Naughty naughty.

Daryl’s five-eye system seemed to work okay.  He controlled everything from his command tent with his latest toys but was always backed up by local treasures Dave Gratton and John Turner who would save the day using pen and paper if anything went wrong.

Will Critchlow from Vic University seemed ambivalent about the Dorne (no hills Rowan he told me) but for somebody who confesses to train for any distance longer than 5km I am surprised that Dan Hunt was able to talk him into starting. Was it a beer bribe Dan?  

Tony McCone grabbing some video footage which I believe will form part of a longer feature aimed at the Hutt Valley Harriers Dorne Cup centenary in 2025. The Vosseler Shield centenary is only 5 years away. Who will be around? 

Somebody forgot to tell Des Young (WHAC) the Dorne Cup is a cross country race with grass and stuff and not a road race. 

Grant McLean got a 3 out of 10 for the creek crossing. 

Race 1 6km: Open and Masters Women and Ancient Masters Men

Race 2 4km: Men and Women Under 18 & Under 20

Race 3 2km: Boys and Girls Under 11 and Under 13

Race 4 3km: Boys and Girls Under 15

Race 5 1km: Boys and Girls Under 9

Race 6 8km Open Men and Masters Men