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Saturday, October 13, 2018

2018 Melrose Shield Relays Newtown Park Sat 13 Oct

Results (There may not be any)

Final Scores for first 3 clubs:
43.5 Victoria University
32.5 Olympic
30.0 Kiwi

2k walk (not sure if this was part of the Melrose)
4x400m Relay
4 x 100m Relay
4 x 800 Relay
Mixed Medley relay (2 male and 2 females per team)
High Jump
Shot Put
Long Jump (not held)

Victoria University Athletics pulled off an unexpected coup today by winning the Melrose Shield.  

This was a popular win for a club that is experiencing a long awaited resurgence because many of us remember that it was a force to be reckoned with in the 70's and 80's.  

The club has been slowly building up its presence over the last couple of years and this year had a good winter campaign resulting in a third place in the C grade at the Takahe to Akaroa Relay last weekend. 

The club's strength has been augmented with the acquisition of Will Critchlow, Eric Speakman, and now it would seem Jonathan Justice, the fastest finisher on the planet. Not sure what the cost of Jono's transfer was but measured in beer it would have been substantial.

According to Dan Hunt Victoria University athletics has ambitions to continue to build and challenge whenever it can, especially when counting team numbers are small enough to give it a chance, such as the Shaw Baton. Other clubs have been warned.

Dan Hunt Interview

The Melrose is essentially a club track and field competition based primarily around relay racing. This encourages participation which is at the heat of the event, so to win this thing clubs need to turn out. Despite what Sir Peter Jack from Kiwi might hope for there are no points for posing in a deck chair. 

What was also noticeable today and perhaps might have been a clever intention of the original trophy donor was that those who participated would not necessarily describe themselves as track and field athletes.  This automatically introduces an element of fun as new things are tried. And they did well.

Wellington Harriers were not present (apart from one or two) because it was holding its annual prize giving

On the officiating side the event was run on the smell of an oily rag with Jim McIlroy, John Turner and Dawn Melrose running the on field show with Marshall Clark as the starter. Invisible in the control box were Peter Baillie and Ed Hutchinson with Karen McIlroy doing the computer work in HQ.

Kiwi athletics dominated the shot put and high jump which were the only field events held. A last minute attempt (orchestrated by Sir Peter Jack from his deckchair) to include a long jump competition failed. Good try lads but it wasn't going to work with the prizegiving 10 minutes away.

4x400m Relay Photos

4x100m Relay Photos

4x800m Relay Photos

Mixed Medley Relay Photos