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Sunday, June 3, 2018

2018 Ballantyne Memorial Cup Lower Hutt Sat 2 Jun

Results and Stephen Day's Race Report

As far as I can remember this race has always been held on the Hutt River bank a stone’s throw from Queensgate. The start and finish are roughly in the same places but development over the years has required course changes. But is hard to believe for example that the grassed up to the rail bridge contained about 3 rugby fields and the gravel trail in the southern side of the river never existed. But crossing the tail is the same now as it was 40 years ago meaning that it is a no passing stretch and today is much used by pedestrians and cyclists (especially on a pristine day like Saturday).

The Ballantyne is an important race for the club because the trophy was donated by the founder of the club Walter (Pop) Ballantyne and his wife to commemorate their son Bob (a club champion) who died of the flu in 1918 following his return from WWI.   

On reflection this year’s Ballantyne is probably on at the wrong time over Queen Birthday weekend. The turnout was low given that it was a long holiday and because about 26 club members were in Christchurch for the big marathon (some good results from that incidentally).  Perhaps the club could consider a more suitable date for 2019. 

But as a sign of how things changed, further up the grassed area before the railway bridge a training camp for the NZ under-20 Ultimate Frisbee Team was underway.  I am sure that old Walter Ballantyne, had he been around, would have been intrigued by people throwing plastic discs at each other.