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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2021 Scottish Waterfront 5k Race Wellington Tue 5 Jan



Tonight’s race had free entry and while a lot of people turned up I do wonder if more would have done so if it was held a few weeks later when people returned from holiday. It’s not a biggie, but these things cross my mind. 

Obviously being free, a lot of new people turned up and all of these folk would have posted PB’s regardless of their recorded time. I spotted Tim Dawbin back running in his home town and not sure where he has been since his junior WHAC days.

Conditions for racing were not fabulous as we still have that annoying wind and chill in the air. Well, maybe it is spring which would at least make sense when contemplating where the seasons in Wellington are currently at. 

Not wasting any time from the start, Thomas Strawbridge scored another win, the 8th over the 12 times, he has competed in this event. And if he isn’t winning then he is either coming in 2nd or 3rd

The old hacks of Ben Twyman and Bert Prendergast cruised in for 2nd and 3rd respectively probably just content to give the legs a bit of a workout.    

Esther George headed the women in across the line with a time of 18.05, a 1 second PB, and it surely can’t be long before she cracks the 17 minute mark. 

Also knocking 1 second off her previous best was Madison Wos who came in 2nd with a time of 19.21.  

Katie Jordan bagged 3rd place and also joining the PB train with a time of 19.38 a 10-second improvement. She could be somebody to watch over the coming winter season, and I can see the fear in Josh Jordan’s eyes already.

A couple of observations and mutterings:

Is Daryl the Robin Judkins of the waterfront 5km? 

If this race was held in the dark with no lights then the fluorescent Amanda Broughton would be illumination enough for everyone to see their way.

Max Poland got one up on Josh Jordan today, but I suspect they may have an agreement to make thumping each other turn about.

Michelle Allison is a running icon and a national treasure. We need T-shirts.

Should there be a race category for dogs?

Who is John O’Driscoll and has any club yet offered him a winter season offer he can’t refuse?  

Dan Hunt and Tommy Boyd both secured PBs.  So the rumour of Dan mumbling something in his sleep about a 2021 Shaw Baton Victoria Uni win could be true?