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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 Scottish Waterfront 5k Race Wellington Tue 11 Dec

Marketa Langova set to pace for those after a time of about 27 and a half minutes


What is Daryl saying? Let me guess. "There are two road crossings, ... don't be a hood ornament"

Conditions for tonight’s race were excellent with little wind to hamper proceedings for the 145 or so finishers. 

Part of the Kaizen crew. Yep there's more of 'em
The first man home was regular Dan Jones who ran a nice 15.28.  Its seems completing (and winning) the 60km up-and down-dale Kepler Challenge ten days ago does not appear to be hampering his ability to race over 5km.

The fast improving Ben Twyman came around into the finishing straight a clear 2nd with an official time of 15.51.  Although not his best time this season Mr T is now consistently clocking sub-16 on this course.

Third home and dark horse was first-time Jerome Edwards who ran 15.49. This will be an automatic course PB for him.

In the women’s race the first 3 ladies were all well below 20 minutes. 

First was Marseille Bowie who ran 19.37 to lock out the opposition.

Carla Denneny was 2nd in 19.49 while just behind her and dangerously close was Jane Copeland from the UK who finished in 19.52.  

All 3 are newcomers to this event and pick up automatic PB’s.

Other stuff

Will Daryl wear this season's Santa hat next week for the final race of the year? 

Daryl with last year's model of Santa hat

Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 Scottish Night of Miles Basin Reserve Sat 8 Dec

Results 2018 (detailed below)
Scottish Race Report 
Sharon Wray's Photos
Results 2017

This is the second year in which the Scottish Night of Miles has been held at the Basin Reserve but I wonder if it should go back to Newtown Park next year.

Last year the Basin was the venue because the new track at Newtown was still under construction. 

The meeting at the Basin alternative venue was successful because it was novel and generated a good atmosphere. 

This year that atmosphere seemed to be missing a bit although there was no obvious reason why this should be.

From an organisational and logistical perspective Newtown Park is the much better place. It is purpose built for running and with all the facilities and equipment.

If this year’s organisers sit down to assess what worked and what didn’t maybe they should consider returning the event to Newtown Park or as a compromise to use the Basin in alternate years.

Masters Men A
1 Andrew Wharton 4:46
2 Stephen Day 4:47
3 Andy Ford 4:48
4 Alisdair Saunders 4:52
5 Valentino Luna-Hernandez 4:54
6 Paul Barwick 4:55
7 Jonathan Justice 4:59
8 Simon Keller 5:04
9 Michael Wray 5:08
10 Stephen Bass 5:10
11 John Beale 5:12

Masters Men B
1 Andrew Kerr 5:14
2 Jim Jones 5:15
3 Tom Crumpton 5:17
4 Paul Hewitson 5:20
5 Steve Darby 5:22
6 Geoff Ferry 5:23
7 Chandima Kulathilake 5:34
8 Chris Speakman 5:38
9 Willy Gunn 5:53
10 Marshall Clark 5:58

Men’s B Mile
1 Scott Russell 4:31
2 Dan Hunt 4:39
3 Felix Williamson 4:48
4 Ryan Hunt 4:49
5 Gus Reece 4:51
6 Chris Wharam 4:54
7 Bede Van Schaijik 5:02
8 Matt Bonner 5:03
9 Roman McArdenny 5:24
10 Chris Howard 5:26
11 Liam Harker 5:52
12 Peter Murmu 6:01

Women’s Mile
1 Hannah Oldroyd 5:03
2 Deb Lynch 5:03
3 Jessica Hughes 5:26
4 Miranda Spencer 5:27
5 Lindsay Barwick 5:28
6 Nat Hardaker 5:37
7 Sarah Riceman 5:47
8 Emma Bassett 6:02
9 Clare McKinlay 6:07
10 Jamie Vessiot 6:07
11 Emma Sturmfels 6:08
12 Amy Auld 6:14
13 Serena Rudge 6:14
14 Niamh Fyfe 7:19
15 Maaike Day 7:19

Elite Men’s Mile
1 Kieron Sexton 4:22
2 Dougal Thorburn 4:25
3 Scott Russell 4:27
4 Shane O’Rahilly 4:29
5 Chris McIlroy 4:30
6 Jack Hammond 4:32
7 Michael Du Toit 4:34
8 Ben Twyman 4:39
9 Bert Prendergast 4:50

Daniel Du Toit (No walking results?)

Jim Jones

Scott Russell ran the B Mile and the Elite Race

Santa Struggling to Keep Up 

Hannah Oldroyd and Deb Lynch 

Josh Jordan