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Saturday, May 25, 2019

2019 Vosseler Shield Mt Victoria Sat 25 May

is that a smile?


Niam is back!!!

So here they come up the rise on lap one just after the first road crossing. 

There is Isaac Murphy running side by side with wonder boy Niam MacDonald closely tracked by a bevy of potential threats. 

This danger group included Seamus Kane, #MadHarry and the underrated Brian Garmonsway.   

Further back slightly was Dr Doogie Thorburn and further back a bit was the consistent Stephen Day. 

Surprisingly behind him was Dan Hunt who I suspect as the poster boy for the Vic Uni resurgency movement has been doing secret hill training.

Down by the unruly mob at the top of the hill that comes up to the road, waiting with interest to see who would emerge to the cheers and jeers was wonder boy escorted by a bevy of mountain bikers. (Check out Bert Prendergast’s photo in the photo collection below).  

Niam had put a moderate gap on Isaac but this was only part way through lap of a strength sapping race so anything could happen. 

And this is the thing about the Vosseler.  Such a brutal course that the only way to run it is to slug it out with patience. It is a course for the strong capable of surviving the uphill slogs. It is not designed with the speedy in mind. Yes, I have run the Vosseler many times. 

Behind Isaac was the same group of three led by Brian G, then Seamus K and then #MHarry. Dr Doogie was next pretty much no closer or further away than when I first saw the leading runners. Stephen Day and Dan Hunt were still holding their positions but had lost ground on the front runners. 

Back in my first spot for this race where the sun is shining brightly Niam comes back through on lap 2 and still leading. 

The bugger is smiling. Nobody smiles doing the Vosseler. 

The gap on Isaac looks like it could have increased slightly but don’t quote me. The big mover is Seamus Kane who has cleared out from Brian G.  

Dr Doogie has overtaken #MadHarry. 

There is a long gap back to Stephen Day and an even longer one back to Daniel Hunt. 

But the field will be getting collectively weary so provided those that I have mentioned can maintain pace without crashing out they should pretty much finish in that order. The only question is whether Seamus Kane is able to further haul in Isaac. Maybe he could but now you need to look at the results.

Back in the field other races are going on and there will be winners and losers determined solely by how individuals thought they performed.

In summary with this race you have to give due credit to wonder boy who a few months ago could only manage a jog while battling the effects of glandular fever. 

So as the winner of the 96th Vosseler Shield Niam adds his name to a special group of runners.  

But wow look also at what Daniel Hunt achieved – not only did he produce a fine individual performance but also helped bring his Vic University club a third placing in the teams race. 

Let the mead flow.  

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