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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

2018 NZ Secondary Schools XC Champs Spa Park Taupo Sat 16 Jun

Sam Tanner and support crew

3-Person Team Results

6-Person Team Results

Regional Relay Results

Athletics New Zealand Race Report

Results Summary

Senior Girls 4000m

1 Hannah O'Connor (Sacred Heart Girls NP) 13:50
2 Kirstie Rae (Wellington East Girls) 14:13
3 Aimee Ferguson (Rototuna Senior High) 14:18

Junior Girls 3000m
1 Isabella Richardson (St Cuthbert's) 10:56
2 Maali Kyle-Ford (Wellington East Girls) 11:05
3 Maia Flint (Tauranga Girls) 11:08

Year 9 Girls 3000m
1 Maia Wilkinson (Wellington East Girls) 11:12
2 Edie Kozyniak (St Catherine's College) 11:18
3 Anna Bassett (Wellington East Girls) 11:25

Senior Boys 6000m
1 Samuel Tanner (Bethlehem College) 19:02
2 Liam Back (Wanganui Collegiate) 19:10
3 Murdoch McIntyre (Westlake Boys) 19:18

Junior Boys 4000m
1 Toby Saxby (Westlake Boys) 13:21
2 Mac Rowe (New Plymouth Boys) 13:41
3 Ben Ruscoe (Westlake Boys) 13:44

Year 9 Boys 3000m
1 Christian De Vaal (Macleans College) 9:57
2 Mathijs Wetzels (Hamilton Boys) 10:08 
3 Joseph Morgan (Hamilton Boys) 10:13 

Para Athlete Boys 2000m
1 Anton Besseling (New Plymouth Boys) 7:46
2 Josh Taylor (Wairarapa College) 9:08
3 Jacob Lowson (Papanui High) 9:30

The 45th running of this event with the usual big fields (1000 kids started) and for this year run over one of the better courses.  

Held at Spa Park next to the scenic Waikato River the course layout was designed mostly around the course used for the North Island XC Champs (to be held in early July), For those used to flat courses the up and down running would have proved testing.    

Some observations:

The Wellington girls did well in their races which would have pleased Anne Hare who I could hear yelling several hills away. 

It is unusual to get repeat winners in the Senior races but we did with hannah O'Connor and Sam Tanner.

You would not believe the advice I overheard as "teachers" told kids how to handle various bits of the course. Yeah Nah.

Some schools send truckloads of kids while others have only one representative. There were teams/individuals from Queenstown, Wanaka and Kerikeri which are all a long way from Taupo.  

The Auckland Grammar selection policy is that if you turn up for the training sessions then you get to go, no matter how fast or slow you are. I like that approach and suspect that is how other schools operate.

Given the large fields it must have been tricky in the past getting accurate finish times and places before electronic timing. 

I suspect that XC is one of the few school sports that includes AWD kids in the programme.