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Sunday, July 18, 2021

2021 Wellington XC Champs Harcourt Park Sun 18 Jul



Team Results and Athletics Wellington Race Report

Upper Hutt put on near-perfect conditions for staying home. Mud and rain or is that rain and mud. Shades of Grenada North Park I heard a few people say, but if you thought the Harcourt Park event was a bit challenging then I can tell you the Secondary Schools XC at Hawera a few weeks ago was much worse.

The key highlights would be Dan Jones (chased hard by a determined Seamus Kane) scoring the XC trifecta by winning the SM 10k race to add to his wins at the Vosseler Shield and Dorne Cup events.  The last person to do this was Cameron Goldsmid back in 2014 in addition to which he added the Centre Road Champs 10km race, so that is the next challenge for Dan.  

Former Women’s NZ National XC champion Ruby Muir also looked a bit more comfortable running in the mud and slippery track at Harcourt than she did at the Dorne where she may have gone out too fast to try and stay up with eventual winner Susannah Lynch. 

Susannah did not run the XC champs race, although like the world-renowned Emeritus Prof Roger Robinson she was happier spectating and staying dry and mud-free. 

There were likely a few people missing from the start line possibly because of injury, other events, school holidays or because the weather forecast looked crap. But there are also those who just won’t run cross country for whatever reason which is a shame since this is really the heart and soul of being a harrier. 

On that point, I would like to congratulate those who turned up for turning up.  Here’s mud in your eye hoping that conditions will be better next year. 

SM, SW, MW35, MM50 10km Race Photos

WU18, WU20, MW 50-70+, MM60.70+ 5KM & 6KM Photos

MU18 & MU20, WU20 6km & 8km Photos

B&G U12 & U14 Photos 2km

B&G U10 1km photos

B&G U16 4km Photos