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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

2018 Scottish Waterfront 5k Race Wellington Tue 23 Oct

Nick Horspool (14.53), Hamish Carson 14.50 Record), Dan Jones 15.27
The Scottish Juggernaut
Back L-R Ben Twyman, Levi Timar, Paul Barwick
Front L-R Nick Horspool, Hamish Carson, Dan Jones, Hiro Tanimoto 


Today’s event was full of surprises.

First and most importantly Will Critchlow turned which means he has gotten over the shock of cross country, which he enjoys by the way.

Second a new land speed record was set for this particular course by Olympian Hamish Carson.  A fast race was always guaranteed when some of the quickest runners in Wellington turned up. And that is how it was.

Hamish was first across the line in 14.50 (course record) with Scottish clubmate Nick Horspool just behind clocking 14.53, and securing a PB for this course as well. 

Nick is a 2.18 marathoner and ranked 4th over this distance based on performances this year by New Zealanders anywhere in the world. 

Just behind Nick was the familiar Dan Jones another Scottish runner who ran 15.37. 
Dan is a 2.20 marathoner and currently ranked 6th in NZ for this distance for this year.  

Behind Dan there were three others who ran below 16 minutes and all who have been previous winners in the 5km on the waterfront.

The women also had a good race with four women hitting sub-20 minutes and one pretty close to doing so. 

First across the line was triathlete Natalie Hardaker in 19.37 with Abby Miller 2 seconds back in 19.39.  

Five second behind Abby and in 3rd equal place was Carla Denneny and Miranda Spencer who were both credited with 19.44. 

Just outside the 20 min mark was Hannah Gordon who managed 20.02.   

Hamish Carson Interview

Race Start (a bit shaky)