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Sunday, October 13, 2019

2019 Wellington T&F Meeting (Opening Day) Newtown Park Sat 12 Oct


Opening day at Newtown Park was a quiet and laid back affair. I mean the hordes were not banging on the gate to be let in. 

The programme of events was manageable and I suspect designed to work with the officials available and enable the attending competitors to have a go at everything. And some did, or nearly did. 

For 2019/20 Athletics Wellington has adopted a different approach for Saturday track meetings. In effect, roughly every second Saturday has been set over for self-managed training sessions and time trials. 

The alternate Saturdays offer a normal track and field programme which I suspect will switch between the old and A and B programme events. The Regional League meetings continue as normal as do the Junior days held on selected Sundays.

So for opening day the track events were:
3000m walk
Hurdles (110m/100m/80m)

The field events were
Long Jump
Shot Put
High Jump

Conditions were actually quite good with little wind to speak of. It became a bit chilly as the weather changed to the south and it actually rained for a bit, which included a heavy downfall of short duration.  But the show must go on and of course it did.

Overall participation was not great with only a couple of entries for some events. Not really ideal but I know Marshall Clark has been working hard to try and generate more interest in what goes on at the track on Saturday afternoons. There were good fields in the 800m and the 3000m so no complaints there.

We will have to wait and see whether the new AW approach achieves its goals but when the next competition Saturday comes around in a couple of weeks I shall be taking names of those who do not turn up. 

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