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Sunday, March 14, 2021

2021 McVilly Shield Karori Park Wellington Sat 13 Mar


Results (and I see Tristan Rodway's name there!)

And it was a fine day for cricket and repeat performances, with some jolly splendid showings across all teams which appeared to comprise a cross-section of club members.  Apart from the “Stacked McLeans” that is.

The event as currently revitalised is structured as a 3 person relay who collectively are required to complete 10 laps of Karori Park, which I believe is roughly 1km in distance?  No member is allowed to do more than 4 laps in total but runners can go in any order, which means a race strategy is required.

The “Stacked Mcleans” got the overall fastest time but it was a repeat performance from last year by Miller Buck from last year which resulted in a win for his team of the big prize, the weighty McVilly Shield. 

The young Buck, fresh from kicking a soccer ball around was in fine form and ably squashed the opposition. This was achieved with the moderate assistance of supporting team members Ben Twyman and Nicolas Vessiot who did the odd lap or two. Some judicious handicapping decisions also smoothed the path to obvious victory.

The McVilly trophy itself is a heavy beast and nearly 100 years old. Built out of solid wood with steel reinforcing and real glass, it has a lead core to stop it from being easily picked up and stolen. This bit may not all be entirely true.  

The photos below hopefully show the anatomy of the relay, but if not then blame Sharon Wray for forgetting to bring her camera.

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