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Monday, May 3, 2021

2021 Shaw Baton Relay Battle Hill Pautahanui Sat 1 May



After a year of Covid 19 disruption, the long-awaited "Pond Jumping" extravaganza has returned. This event represents the start of interclub racing for the 2021 winter season and is often the first means of gauging the relative strength of clubs to see who is hot and who is not. The course appears to be relatively unchanged although there is now a new barrier to jump about 8om metres from the finish.  To compensate the barrier just before the gravel road has now gone.   

But for spectators, the pond is the place to be although this year the water level was very low no doubt due to the lack of rain. This meant the stream feeding the pond flowed like a lazy trickle. But low water or not several people are now famous for their inauspicious crossings meaning they came to grief to a greater or lesser extent. Did you get that one Sharon!      

Race 4 Photos BU16, MU20, SM, MM

Race 3 Photos Boys & Girls U12 & U14 

Race 2 Photos Boys & Girls U10 - Scratch Rece

Race 1 Photos GU16, WU20, SW, MW, MM60+

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